Welcome to the Fonteva 21Winter Update Checklist. This checklist will guide you through the steps required to successfully update your org to 21Winter.


Please be aware there are some prerequisites to updating to 21Winter. This is due to the deprecated Event Master-Detail field on the Attendee object in this release and the inclusion of Sharing Sets in the previous 20Spring.1 release. Please make sure your org has met these prerequisites before completing the rest of this Update Checklist.

Update to 20Spring.1 Or Later:

Your org will need to be updated to 20Spring.1 or later to gain access to the new Event lookup field that will be replacing the deprecated Event Master-Detail relationship field. Directions to update to 20Spring.1 are available here.

Sharing Sets:

Sharing Sets are required for 21Winter. If you have updated to 20Spring.1 or later, you should have configured them as part of the Update Checklist for 20Spring.1. If you have not yet configured Sharing Sets for your org, please follow these directions to configure your Sharing Sets before moving forward.

21Winter Pre-Update Guide:

In 21Winter, the Event Master-Detail field on the Attendee object is deprecated. Prior to updating, it will need to be removed and replaced with the new Event lookup field. Directions for how to locate and replace this field are available in the 21Winter Pre-Update Guide. Please make sure you have completed the directions in the 21Winter Pre-Update Guide before you update to 21Winter. The 21Winter Pre-Update Guide is available here.

Next Steps:

If you have completed the prerequisites listed above, you are ready to begin working through the Update Checklist. Start here with Enable Apex Settings.