New metadata has been introduced to allow for the billing address to populate on Sales Orders and Receipts.

  1. Select the lightning gear icon in the top left of your org. A dropdown menu opens.

  2. Select Setup from the top of the dropdown menu. The Setup page opens in a new tab.

  3. Enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find search bar. Results generate below.

  4. Select Custom Metadata Types from the results that generate. The Custom Metadata Types page opens.

  5. Locate the Fonteva Registry Entry metadata type in the table and select the Manage Records link. The Fonteva Registry Entry metadata type page opens.

  6. Select the New button at the top of the table. The Fonteva Registry Entry Edit page opens.

  7. Enter updateBillingAddress in the Entry Key, Label, and Name fields.

  8. Check the Is Enabled field.

  9. Enter Sales Order in the Entry Category field.

  10. Select Save to create the new metadata record.