Invoices Created Prior to Line Item Receivable (LIR) Update

Invoices created before the Line Item Receivable (LIR) critical update will no longer be listed on the Order Summary Builder page. Customers will not be able to pay them using the new backend payment page. 

These invoices can be paid with the old invoice payment page by using the record detail and list view buttons called Apply Payment.

Flow Order Summary and Tax and Shipping Config 

The Order Summary Builder in the backend does not allow customers to set Tax and Shipping (even if they select a single Sales Order) before entering the Backend Payment page. 

The only way to get to the Tax and Shipping configurations is through Rapid Order Entry and the Apply Payment button on the Sales Order.

Batch Receipt Entry No Longer Supported

The Batch Receipt Entry page does not support new invoices. Outstanding new invoices for the selected customer will not be displayed on the Batch Receipt Entry page. 

Shipping by Order Total

The Shipping by Order Total feature will no longer be supported. Enable Shipping by Order Total (Checkbox) setting field on the Business Group will be removed from the layout. The system will automatically uncheck this checkbox, even if the user manually marks it as true.