This release will provide a 360 degree view of every transaction related to the Sales Order.  What this means is that we have ensured that every transaction line has a relationship to the original Sales Order Line and Sales Order.  

As a result, you can see every Transaction directly from the Sales Order object, regardless if a payment was made, a refund, an adjustment, a write-off, etc.  All functions against the Sales Order will show the resulting Transactions, making reporting easier and navigating an order’s full financial history a breeze.  

The image below shows transactions related to one complex Sales Order that includes Transfers, Deferred Revenue, Payments, and Adjustments.

You’ll notice in the image above that there is a cash entry for each line.  To enhance reporting and to accommodate the 360 degree view of your Sales Order, Fonteva now separates the cash entry to each line that we have in the Sales Order.

Previous vs. Today’s Behavior



The Type field on the Transaction was limited to Cash, Receivable, and Adjustment.

The Type field now includes Cash, Receivable, Transfer Receivable, Revenue Recognition, and Disbursement.

Transactions were appropriated based on the installment (previously invoices). 

Transactions are no longer appropriated across the installments present in the order.

The Cash entry was one entry per receipt making it difficult to show from the Sales Order.

The Cash entry will always be appropriated by Line present in the Receipt so that it can be viewed from its appropriate Sales Order.

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