Performance Improvements:

Fonteva 21Winter includes performance improvements around all database operations and service layer operations. The following enhancements were made:

  • The system no longer checks Field Level Security on every operation and now uses Salesforce’s stripInaccessible.

  • Wrapper Classes no longer dynamically assign properties. Properties are now assigned directly.

  • The system uses the new Deferred option and caches results when describing SObjects.

These enhancements create the following performance improvements:

  • The time it takes to perform an action will be faster and should prevent CPU timeout issues.

  • Database operations will be faster for upserting and updating data.

  • The Community Portal will perform faster.

WCAG Support - 21Winter:

Fonteva continues to make improvements with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliance in the Community.

WCAG is part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium, the main international standards organization for the Internet. These guidelines and recommendations make Web content more accessible for people with disabilities as well as for highly limited devices like mobile phones.

In this release, Fonteva has focused on making sure all content is accessible through a keyboard interface without requiring specific timings for individual keystrokes (except when the underlying function requires input dependent on the path of the user’s movement.)


Exceptions include the accordion button on the Address Book page. It is not keyboard accessible in the correct order and screen readers may not speak HTML code correctly.

Several drop-down navigation controls and submenu links and components are also not keyboard operable at this time.

Upcoming Deprecations And Removals:

The following items are set to be deprecated or removed from the product in future releases.

Receipt Batch Entry:

Receipt Batch Entry is currently deprecated and will be removed from the product in a future release. Documentation for this has already been archived but is still accessible from the Fonteva Archives confluence space.

ePayment Enhancements - Enhanced API:

Fonteva has enhanced our ePayment APIs to better connect with other, non-Spreedly payment gateways in preparation for the forthcoming rollout of Fonteva Payments.

More information will be available on this new functionality in the near future.

Next Steps:

Review Schema Updates or the Update Checklist.