Resolve Master-Detail Relationship On Custom Reports:

Now that the new EventApi__Attende_Event__c lookup field is available on your Reports, you can remove the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field and replace it with the new lookup field. We recommend reviewing with the individual(s) who created these Reports to help speed things along.

  1. Open a new tab and navigate to the Reports object in your org.

  2. Select All Reports to view a total list of every Report created in your org.

  3. You need to locate all Reports created using the custom Report Types you previously identified as having the EventApi__Event__c field. To check a Report, right-click a Report name in the table to open the Report in a new tab.

  4. In your Report, click Edit in the top right-hand corner. The Report will open in the editor.

  5. Your custom Report still might be utilizing a Report Type from the Fonteva Reports managed package. Look at the Report’s title on the top left-hand side. The name next to the Report title will be the name of the Report Type used. Do not modify any Reports utilizing Fonteva Report Types.

  6. When you’ve determined your custom Report is not utilizing a Fonteva Report Type, locate the deprecated Master-Detail field with the new lookup field on your Report. It will display as DEPRECATED. Check the following areas on your Report:

    1. Group Rows

    2. Group Columns

    3. Columns

  7. Remove the DEPRECATED field from your Report by clicking the X.

  8. Replace the field with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field using the available search field. The new field will show up as Event.

  9. Click Save.

Review every custom Report and replace the deprecated field with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field.


If a custom Report with a Report Type references a field on the Event object through the deprecated EventApi__Event__c Master-Detail relationship field, and that field is on a Dashboard, you will need to manually remove the field from the Dashboard instead of relying on updating the Report to change the Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards object in your org.

  2. Select All Dashboards from the sidebar to get a lit of all of the Dashboards in your org.

  3. Click to open a Dashboard.

  4. Click the pencil icon on a Dashboard component to open the Edit Component window.

  5. Locate the EventApi__Event__c field. It will show up as Deprecated.

  6. Replace the deprecated field with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field. The new field will show up as Event.

  7. Click Save to save your changes,

Perform steps 2-6 for any Dashboard components using the deprecated field.

Next Steps:

When the EventApi__Event__c field has been replaced with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field on all of your custom Reports, it is time to remove the EventApi__Event__c field from your custom Report Types. Learn how in Step 4: Remove Deprecated Field From Custom Report Types.