You need to determine if there are custom Report Types in your org that use the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field. It’s best to perform this search with the individual(s) that created your org’s Report Types, as they will be more familiar with the layout.

The Where is this used? button may not display all Report Types using the EventApi__Event__c field in your org if this field is used as a related field in other Report Types and Reports. You can use this tool to get you started, but be sure to manually check all of your custom Report Types and Reports for the EventApi__Event__c field.

Locate Custom Report Types:

  1. Navigate to Setup and type Report Types in the Quick Find search bar. Select Report Types from the results generated.

    1. You might be directed to an introduction page on Custom Report Types. Click Continue to move forward to your Report Types.

  2. Locate your custom Report Types on the Report Types page. These are the Report Types your staff created for your org.

    1. You will find Report Types that are managed by Fonteva that belong to the Fonteva Reports managed package. Their title will start with FON. These are managed Report Types from Fonteva and follow a different set of instructions we will complete on the next page, so do not edit them at this time. The following are Fonteva Report Types:

      1. FON Attendees

      2. FON Attendees with Registration Items

      3. FON Form Responses

  3. Open a custom Report Type by right-clicking its title and selecting Open Link In a New Tab. The Custom Report Type’s page will open in a new tab in your browser.

  4. Scroll down to the Fields Available for Reports section and click Edit Layout. The Screen Flows page will open.

  5. The fields available for the Report Type will list in the Field Layout Properties section. Check this section for the deprecated field. The EventApi__Event__c field will display as DEPRECATED.

  6. If you find the deprecated filed, keep this tab open. If you do not, close this tab and continue checking your other custom Report Types.

Repeat steps 2-6 until you have checked all of your custom Report Types.

Next Steps:

When you have all of your custom Report Types using the EventApi__Event__c field open in separate tabs, it’s time to move to Step 2: Add New Lookup Field To Custom Report Types.