To complete your update and ensure everything is working correctly, you must run Access Manager for Fonteva Items on your Community and Guest Profiles.

You must be logged in as an Administrator to perform these steps. Reach out to your System Administrator if you do not have Admin permissions.

If your org does not grant Access Manager to profiles, refer to the Minimum Object Access Permissions page for setting up the correct permission set for the Guest User Profile.

Run Access Manager

Locate Guest User Profile Name:

You’ll first want to locate the profile name of your Guest User Profile so you know it for later.

  1. Navigate to Setup and type All Sites in the Quick Find search bar.

  2. Select Workspaces for your Community. Community Workspace will open in a new tab.

  3. Select Administration to access your Administration settings.

  4. Select Pages. Under Advanced Customizations, click Go to The Site Details page for your Community will open in a new tab in Salesforce Classic.

  5. Locate and select the Public Access Settings button. The profile name will display as the header for the page that opens.

Run Access Manager (FLS)

Now that you know your Guest User Profile name, it’s time to run Access Manager.

  1. Navigate to the Spark Admin tab.

  2. Select Access Manager. You may be requested to log in. Select Production or Development and type your Salesforce credentials.

  3. The Choose Packages and Profiles page will open. Check the following Fonteva packages under Packages:

    1. Assemble

    2. Charge

    3. Engage

    4. Engage - Member Community

    5. Fonteva Lightning Bolt Template

    6. Fonteva Services

    7. Fonteva1

    8. KeyStore

    9. Lightning Lens

    10. Rapid Order Entry

    11. Spark

  4. Under Unpackaged at the bottom of the page, Uncheck Standard.

  5. Under Profiles, check the Guest User Profile you identified before opening Access Manager. You should also check other profiles you would like granted access to the upgrade. You can check up to 15. We recommend selecting any Partner profile, any profile that includes "Fonteva" in the title, any Guest profile, the Standard Platform User profile, the Standard User profile, the System Admin profile, and any other relevant profile that is used in your org.

  6. Click Fetch Profiles at the bottom of the page. The Set Up Profiles page will open.

  7. Click the orange menu to open it. Ensure the Object Permissions option is enabled (the other two menu items should be enabled by default.)

  8. Click Update Profiles at the bottom of the page. The Guest User Profile you selected will be updated. You can return to the Fonteva Framework page.