In the Fonteva 20Spring release, the Invoice object will be merged with the Sales Order object. All the necessary fields that were on the Invoice have been recreated on the Sales Order object.  Any object that relied on the Invoice object (Receipt Line, Transaction Line, Credit Notes, etc.) now looks up to the Sales Order object.

Benefits of Combining Invoice and Sales Order Objects

Merging Invoices with Sales Orders will not take away any existing functionality. In fact, you will gain functionality! Everything you were used to doing with invoices will continue to be supported. The only difference is the Invoice object functionality we are all used to is now on the Sales Order object.

Merging also provides these benefits:

  • Simplified architecture to ease the experience of creating and processing orders.

  • Reduced data requirements, which in turn lower your costs.

  • Simplified reporting...One Golden Path!

  • 360 degree view of an order or invoice from one record.

  • Paves the way for future accounting functionality on the roadmap

No Loss of Functionality

All outstanding invoices will continue to be supported the way they are today. You will lose no functionality here. New (20Spring release and beyond) invoices will be handled from the Sales Order object, and old invoices will be handled from the legacy Invoice object.  As you close out your old invoices over time, there will be a natural transition to the new way of invoicing. As for your customers (community members), they will not have to apply any changes.

Related Documentation: For more information on processing orders, please refer to the current Order Processing and Pre-Fonteva 20Spring Release Invoices documentation as appropriate.

Get Started

You can drill down into the specific details of this merge in the sections below: