In Fonteva 20Spring, a new Apply Payment page has been introduced to enhance the overall experience for the staff users while applying payments.

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New Payment Page Benefits

The new Apply Payment page can handle Sales Orders, new Invoices converted from Sales Orders, and Invoices that were created with the Line Items Receivable feature enabled. 

Invoices with Line Items Receivable not enabled will need to use the old payment page by going to the Invoice tab list view or the Invoice record’s Apply Payment button.

Staff can now dive into the content of an order to easily view what needs to be paid. The complete installment schedule can be viewed for any invoice with installments.  Partial payment of a Sales Order will now prompt the user to convert that Sales Order into an Invoice.

This image shows an example of the new payment page.

This image shows how staff users can update the Amount Paid at the line level.

This image shows the installment schedule for a Sales Order with installments. 

All Sales Orders with installments will be treated as invoices.

Depending on the selected payment type, staff will see a modal to enter additional information to complete the payment.

If a payment method does not require any additional information (like an offline payment), the user only has to enter the Reference Number, and the payment will be processed in one click of the Apply Payment button.

Previous vs Today’s Behavior

This table shows the differences of the payment page functionality pre- and post-Fonteva 20Spring release.



We used different payment pages depending on whether the Order was a Sales Order or an Invoice.

You will use the same payment page regardless of the type of order. 

EXCEPT for invoices that were created without the Line Item Receivable functionality.  

Tax and shipping information was entered on the payment page.

Tax and Shipping addresses are entered on their own page prior to getting to the payment page.

Partial payments could only be applied on the Invoice Payment page.

Partial payments are supported for all orders in the Staff UI. 

When partially paying a Sales Order or paying with credit, you will be prompted to convert the Sales Order to Invoice.

Credits could only be applied on Invoices

Credits can be applied on both Sales Orders and Invoices.

Installments were shown on an Invoice by Invoice basis.  

Installments are shown in the detail drawer of the payment screen.

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