Subscription Batchable Update

The Scheduled Job SubscriptionBatchableScheduler has now been moved to the Fonteva Services Tab under Apps in Fonteva Framework. If customers are upgrading to Fonteva 20Spring, they will need to delete the existing scheduled job and schedule the new SubscriptionBatchableScheduler. 

What's new:

Customers can now separately schedule SubscriptionBatchable for both Active and Inactive Subscription records.  

How to schedule:

Go to Setup → Apex Classes → Schedule Apex Button → Search for the apex class “SubscriptionBatchableScheduler” (FDService) and schedule this class to run every day.

Want subscription batchable to run for inactive subscription records? Follow the same step and schedule for inactive subscription with “InactiveSubscriptionBatchableScheduler” (FDServices).

To verify the job was scheduled successfully, navigate to Setup → Apex Jobs. All jobs scheduled should be present in the list displayed.

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