Portal users and staff users in the backend can store multiple Known Addresses for checkout. When checking out, users on the front- and backend can create new addresses, select from other stored addresses, and edit stored addresses for shipping and billing.

For portal users on the frontend, they can manage Known Addresses from their Profile in the Community Portal via the Address Book or the Payment Methods menu items. They can also perform these actions during checkout in the Community Portal.

Likewise, staff users in the backend can manage addresses for their members. Staff users can manage Known Addresses for members via their Contact Records. They can create, edit, and delete addresses in the new Known Addresses related list. They can also manage Known Addresses for shipping and billing during Rapid Order Entry checkout.

PCA Predict in Address Input Field:

There is also a new functionality to switch the tool used in the Address Input fields. Google Autocomplete can now be replaced with PCA Predict (Addressy in the United States).

For more information, please visit the https://fonteva.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/userguide/pages/854240568 article in the user guide.

State and Country Picklists:

A new feature that ties in with Known Addresses is State and Country Picklists. The country and state or province fields for billing and shipping addresses on checkout are now picklists instead of fields users can enter text into. This allows for the capture of accurate data and prevents lost or returned shipments due to inaccurate addresses.

For information on enabling this feature, please read this Salesforce article here.

For more information on these features, please read the Known Addresses article in the user guide.