Use the following checklist to update successfully and completely to the Fonteva 20Spring release. This checklist ensures your release will work successfully.

Please be sure to perform each step completely and in order.

Prior to performing this checklist, please review the Order Enhancements Changes Overview document in the Fonteva 20Spring New Features Guide. This will provide information on all the changes that are a part of the Order Enhancements feature and may have an effect on your upgrade.

Fonteva recommends upgrading and testing first in a sandbox environment before upgrading your working environment. This will help you avoid any mishaps and ensure you prepare carefully without creating issues for your working environment.

Upgrade Checklist Steps:

Update Checklist Part 1: Pre-Update

Update Checklist Part 2: Updating

Update Checklist Part 3: Post-Update Steps

Relevant Pages:

These are other pages included in the Release Notes that contain more helpful technical information about the release:

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Fonteva 20Spring: Technical Information

Fonteva 20Spring Bug Fixes

Fonteva 20Spring New Features Guide