Sharing Sets

Salesforce Sharing Sets are a method devised to provide Community Portal users access to records associated with their Accounts and Contacts based on their user profiles. By default, Community Portal users with the Customer Community License can only view their own records, such as cases they file with support or a Sales Order they created by shopping in the eStore. However, if a staff user creates a Sales Order for a Contact, the staff user will be set as the owner, and the Sales Order’s Contact won’t have access. A Sharing Set can open up that level of access for Customer Community License users. It provides access to records associated with their Accounts or Contacts based on their user profiles.

If you want to better familiarize yourself with Salesforce Sharing Sets, please check out these Salesforce Trailheads:

Your System Admin can set up only one Sharing Set per profile per object. This means a profile will only have one Sharing Set for each object.

Sharing Sets and Your Fonteva 20Spring.1 Update:

Sharing Sets must be configured after updating your org to Fonteva 20Spring.1. It is vitally important that you do so. Failure to configure Sharing Sets after updating your org will result in your customers being unable to use your Community Portal.

Configuring Sharing Sets is a step in the Update Checklist for updating your org to Fonteva 20Spring.1. Documentation for configuring your Sharing Sets is included here.

3DS2 and SCA Update Reminder

As a part of the second iteration of the Payment Services Directive (PDS2) security requirements from the European Union, Fonteva has accommodated Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by enabling 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) as part of the previous Fonteva 20Spring release. SCA requires that consumers authenticate with two of three categories: something you know (knowledge), something you possess (possession), or something you are (inherence). 3DS2, the next generation of 3D Secure (3DS), is a multi-factor authentication protocol used to confirm digital identity at checkout. It meets the authentication requirements for SCA.

The deadline for compliance with PSD2 is December 31st, meaning that 3DS2 must be implemented by that date. Fonteva must be updated to at least 20Spring in order to implement 3DS2 and comply with SCA and PSD2. We encourage our customers who will be affected by the PSD2 deadline to be using 20Spring or 20Spring.1.

Spreedly supports the following Payment Gateways for 3DS and 3DS2.

Deprecations: Internet Explorer 11 Browser Retirement

Salesforce will be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for Lightning Experience and Lightning Communities on December 31, 2020. In accordance, Fonteva will also no longer support IE11 as of December 31, 2020 for Community Portal users. Fonteva already has ceased support for staff users (Fonteva’s Browser Support Policy is available here.)

Salesforce has documented known performance issues using Lightning Experience on an IE11 browser. Fonteva recommends you inform your Community Portal users of this impending end of support so they can migrate to a different browser. The following browsers remain supported by Salesforce and Fonteva:

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

You can learn more about the browsers and devices Salesforce supports for Lightning Experience here.

CAPTCHA Solution Update

The CAPTCHA solution has been updated so it can no longer be bypassed in the Community Portal. It now uses a model where a token or GUID is generated and verified via backend logic. Users will enjoy the benefit of strengthened security in the Community Portal from enhanced CAPTCHA. No configuration is necessary.

Update Spreedly Key

To comply with Spreedly’s new mandate to periodically refresh Secret Keys, Fonteva now uses KeyStore to enforce changes to Secret Keys. No configuration is necessary.

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