New Schema

The following fields were added in Fonteva 20Spring.1. Please assign the Fonteva 20Spring.1 page layout to the appropriate profiles when updating to Fonteva 20Spring.1. Alternatively, if you have custom configurations on your page layouts, please add the new fields below manually.

New Object

New Field

Reason for Adding

NONCE (Framework__NONCE__c)

Token (Framework__Token__c)

The new NONCE object and fields are a part of an update for Captcha capability in Fonteva to show success and failure on the backend as well as the frontend, strengthening your security.

Text Field (Framework__Text_Field__c)


New Field

Reason For Adding

Attendee (EventApi__Attendee__c)

Event Lookup (EventApi__Attendee_Event__c)

The new Event Lookup field replaces the old Event Master-Detail (EventApi__Event__c) field to ensure Sharing Sets will work properly once configured. This field has been added in preparation of the Fonteva 21 Winter release. Learn more about how to prepare with this field in the 21 Winter Pre-Update Guide.

Schema With No Logic In This Release (Deprecated)

The following schema was deprecated and is no longer in use as of the Fonteva 20Spring.1 release.


Deprecated Field

Reason for Deprecation

Event (EventApi__Event__c)

One Form Per Order (EventApi__One_Form_Per_Order__c)

The One Form Per Order field has been deprecated from the Event Builder due to updates that enable the purchasing attendee to fill out a form as well as any additional attendees whose ticket includes a form. This update resulted in the One Form Per Order field no longer being necessary.

Upcoming Schema With No Logic (Upcoming Deprecations)

Attendee (EventApi__Attendee__c)

Event Master-Detail (EventApi__Event__c)

The Event Master-Detail field will be deprecated in the upcoming 21 Winter release in February 2021 and will need to be replaced with the new Event Lookup (EventApi__Attendee_Event__c) field. You can prepare your org for this field deprecation via the 21 Winter Pre-Update Guide.

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