The Fonteva 20Spring.1 release continues to improve on the features introduced in Fonteva 20Spring and also introduces new security improvements. Sharing Sets strengthen the security of the Fonteva Platform by providing secure record access in your Community Portals. New improvements are also available under the Order Enhancements umbrella pertaining to pre-authorized payments, among other enhancements. Fonteva also continues to support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Compliance. The Community Portal pages have received further improvements to become more WCAG compliant. Finally, User Documentation has received a major makeover. Be sure to check out the new user experience in the new Fonteva Documentation space.

Sharing Sets

As of the Fonteva 20Spring.1 release, Fonteva is transitioning into using Sharing Sets to provide secure record access in your Community Portal.

Important: You must configure Sharing Sets in order for your environment to work as it did after updating to Fonteva 20Spring.1. Your environment will not work correctly without Sharing Sets configured. Configuring Sharing Sets is a step in the Update Checklist for updating your org to Fonteva 20Spring.1. Documentation for configuring your Sharing Sets is included here.

Salesforce Sharing Sets are a method devised to provide Community Portal users access to records associated with their Accounts and Contacts based on their user profiles. Users were previously unable to utilize the Community Portal with Customer Community Licenses when External or Org-Wide Default Sharing was set to private, forcing the purchase of Customer Community Plus licenses. With the use of Sharing Sets, you can forgo the Customer Community Plus licenses while still maintaining security for your organization. This also improves the security of the Fonteva Platform by ensuring external users can only access Contact and Account records they create.

Order Enhancements: Pre-Authorized Payments

Fonteva continues to push forward with Order Enhancements, bringing new features and improvements with the Fonteva 20Spring.1 release. Users can now configure Void and Authorize services for pre-authorized payments to help your customers avoid overage fees and stay flexible with pre-authorized payments. The Apply Payment page introduced in Fonteva 20Spring also now supports pre-authorized payments in Fonteva 20Spring.1. Documentation on pre-authorized payments is available here.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Compliance: Community Improvements

Fonteva continues to make improvements with WCAG compliance in the Community.

WCAG is part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium, the main international standards organization for the Internet. These guidelines and recommendations make Web content more accessible for people with disabilities as well as for highly limited devices like mobile phones.

WCAG focuses on four core principles:

  • Perceivable: Information and user interfaces must be presented in ways that account for and accommodate the many varying ways users can perceive, not just visually.

  • Operable: All navigation and user interface components must be standardized and annotated such that a variety of devices with varying degrees of physical capabilities can still functionally and successfully enable user interaction, engagement, and operation.

  • Understandable: Includes careful selection of terms and verbs, defines and clarifies unusual words, phrases, and abbreviations, and also ensures that the reading level of the information best matches the widest likely audience.

  • Robust: Can be interpreted by a wide variety of assistive devices and technologies, and do so with minimal maintenance and without special cases.

New User Documentation Experience

User documentation is now located in a new Fonteva Documentation space. Fonteva Documentation features a new UI experience, a new location, and enhanced content clarity for Fonteva Platform users.

The Lightning Guide has been split into two spaces: User Documentation and System Documentation. User Documentation contains all of the everyday information for staff users to successfully interact with their org. System Documentation provides more technical knowledge for system administrators looking to maintain and support their organization and Community Portal. These spaces, along with Fonteva Release Notes and Developer Documentation, are grouped together in the Fonteva Documentation space. This is a central location for all documentation for Fonteva Platform users and provides a much easier navigation experience between the different sources of information. Users can simply select the space they want to view from the group and return at any time using the Fonteva header link.

This new central location also provides an improved viewing and navigation experience on individual pages. Users can jump to the different headers on a page using the right-hand column. They can also navigate to anywhere else in the documentation space using the left-hand column.

Additional Improvements

The following improvements are also implemented as part of the release:

Form Per Order Update - New Purchaser Form

The Form Per Order setup has been updated. It is now possible for the purchaser to fill out an event form and for all attendees to fill out forms based on Ticket Type in one event registration order.

As a part of this update, the Form Per Order checkbox field on the Ticket Type has been deprecated.

Date Entry Improvement

The Date component has been improved to be WCAG compliant. It is mobile friendly and able to be used by WCAG tools.