Critical Bugs Resolved in Fonteva 20Spring.1

These tickets were reported by customers and are resolved in the Fonteva 20Spring.1 release.




Subscriptions with Assignments displayed oldest to newest by default on the Manage Members screen. Subscriptions with Assignments will now display in order of most current to oldest by default.

Engage, Communities


When a user logged into the Community Portal renewed a Subscription, any applicable Tax Inclusive Prices failed to display on the Subscription renewal page. When enabled, Tax Inclusive Pricing will now display successfully for Subscriptions on the renewal page.

Charge, eBusiness


When a user registered for a Single Ticket event, if they updated their name, the update failed to apply to the Attendee or Assignment record. Name changes made during event registration for Single Ticket events will now successfully update on the Attendee and Assignment records.

Assemble, Events


When an event page was named Registration, the event microsite failed to display the Navigation Bar when clicking on the Registration tab. The Navigation Bar will no longer disappear when the page is named Registration.

Assemble, Events


Custom picklists on the Schedule Item selected the first value in the picklist by default instead of the default value set for the custom picklist. Custom picklists on the Schedule Item will now display the set default value instead of the first value in the picklist.

Assemble, Events


The Save button on the Create Address modal on the event registration payment page failed to display on all devices, preventing users from successfully creating an address. The Save button for the Create Address modal will now successfully display on the event registration payment page for all devices.

Assemble, Events


When creating new members to add to a Subscription under Manage Membership, the subsequently added members displayed Afghanistan as the default country picklist value instead of the United States. The default country picklist will display the United States as the default value instead of Afghanistan when creating new members.

Engage, Communities


When a Price Rule variable on a Contact field had a value of null and a Contact met the criteria of the Price Rule, the Price Rule failed to be applied correctly. The Price Rule will now apply correctly for Contacts that meet the criteria of the Price Rule.

Charge, eBusiness


Users were still able to access Rapid Order Entry on posted Sales Orders with Receipts, allowing users to process and modify a posted Invoice. Users can no longer access Rapid Order Entry from posted Sales Orders.

Charge, eBusiness


When a Subscription with a Package Item was cancelled for a Contact with Badges for the Subscription and Package Item, the Is Active field failed to change to False on the Badge for the Package Item. The Is Active field will display as False for both Badges for the Subscription and Package Item.

Engage, Communities


The hard-coded default images for the Image and Icon Location fields failed to display for Badge Type records. The default Image and Icon images will now display successfully when the Image and Icon Location fields are unpopulated on the Badge Record.

Spark Framework


Total Capacity failed to reflect changes to Grouped Ticket Capacity in the Event Builder for cloned events. The system will now automatically update Total Capacity for regardless of whether Ticket Types are Grouped or now.

Assemble, Events


An A displayed before the currency symbol on Financial Documents when the currency was set to AUD. The A will no longer display.

Charge, eBusiness


When a user purchased a ticket with a Package Item (A) with its own Package Item (B), Package Item B was added to the order multiple times instead of just once. Package Item B will now only be added once.

Charge, eBusiness


In Rapid Order Entry, Packages Items failed to appear when attacked to a Ticket Type. Package Items attached to Ticket Types will now successfully display in Rapid Order Entry.

Charge, eBusiness


When using a Wizard form display style, form sections were skipped when users clicked Next. Wizard-style forms will no longer skip sections.

Engage, Communities


When users purchased an Item without attributes with Deferred Revenue, only one Deferred Revenue transaction was created instead of in accordance with the Deferred Revenue Term. Transactions for Deferred Revenue Items without attributes will now generate in accordance with the Item’s Deferred Revenue Term.

Charge, eBusiness

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