The focus for Event Registration was to streamline the process and make it easier and faster to complete. Existing screens have been merged for efficiency, and a new optional Recommended Items page has been added to the flow as follows:

  1. Tickets

  2. Agenda

  3. Recommended Items

  4. Checkout

Recommended Items:

Recommended Items is a new step that ties in with the new Package Items feature. It creates upsell opportunities during registration for optional Package Items you designate in the Event Builder. It will only show up as a step during registration if there are Package Items attached to a ticket or session the registrant has put in their shopping cart.

Streamlined Attendee and Form Modals:

The process for entering Attendee and Form information has been streamlined and simplified. Instead of redirecting to a new window, registrants will enter Attendee and Form information for tickets and sessions in a modal window. This keeps all the action on the same screen and speeds up the registration process.

Order Summary Component:

A new Order Summary component has also been added to Event Registration. This field remains in constant view throughout registration. Registrants can edit and delete their orders from the Order Summary and modify forms they’ve filled out for themselves as well as all attendees. In addition, it includes a field for entering discount codes.

Improved Checkout:

In Checkout, staff users now have more choice and control over payment methods. They can add their own payment methods for registrants to use on checkout. They can also add their own instructions for these payment methods through the backend, creating a fully customized payment experience for their organization.