The Agenda feature has received improvements to simplify Agenda creation and registration as well as new functionality to build more robust Agendas based on your specifications.

Two Agenda features of note are:

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings provide more varied control over how Sessions display in the Agenda in Event Registration. This is configurable by Ticket Types, and staff users can designate whether Sessions display, are registrable, or are required based on the Ticket Type.


A Search/Filter/Sort component is now available in the Agenda Tab in the Event Builder as well as on the Agenda Page in Event Registration. Staff users and event registrants alike can search, sort, and filter through available sessions. This speeds up the registration process as well as event creation.

Other new functionality and improvements in the Agenda feature include:

  • Ability to tie Speakers to Schedule Items

  • The Schedule Item Table is now editable

  • Manage Schedule Item Access Permissions

  • Better sort logic for Schedule Items