After locating and resolving references to the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field in your customizations and Reports, it is time to delete the Event Master-Detail field from the Attendee object.

If you have not finished removing and replacing the field where in use in your org, please return to the 21Winter Pre-Update Guide and complete the steps there. You will not be able to delete the Event Master-Detail field if the field is still in use in your org.

If you have not removed every instance of the EventApi__Event__c field from your org, you will receive an error stating that the system was Unable to Complete the Requested Change along with a list of the areas where the field is stilll in use.

Remove the deprecated field from any listed areas and replace it with the EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field and attempt to delete the deprecated field from the Attendee object again.

If you have not successfully updated to 21Winter, you will receive a message that the system Cannot Delete Managed Component when you attempt to delete the Event Master-Detail field. Check your version following steps 1 and 2 below to ensure you are on Fonteva 21Winter. Contact Fonteva Customer Support if you are not on the correct version. Also check that you are deleting the correct field.

Delete Deprecated Event (EventApi__Event__c) Field:

Follow the directions below to successfully delete the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field and add the new EventApi__Attendee_Event__c field to your Attendee page layout.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages. Locate and select the Spark package. The Spark package details page will open.

  2. On the Spark package details page, determine the version name is 21Winter. This means the update was successful. If the version name is not 21Winter, your update was unsuccessful. Contact Fonteva Customer Support for further steps if your update was unsuccessful.

  3. Type Objects into the Quick Find search bar and select Object Manager from the results generated. The Object Manager will open.

  4. Enter Attendee in the Object Manager search bar. Select the Attendee object from the results generated.

  5. On the Attendee object page, select the Fields and Relationships tab.

  6. Type Event in the Search bar and ensure the Event field with a field name of EventApi__Attendee_Event__c displays. This confirms your update is complete.

  7. Click the Page Layouts tab and select the 21Winter layout.

  8. On the 21Winter page layout, add the Event Lookup (EventApi__Attendee_Event__c) to the page layout and click Save.

  9. Select the Fields and Relationships tab.

  10. Type deprecated in the Search bar and locate a deprecated field with a field name of EventApi__Event__c and a Data Type of Master-Detail(Event) from the results generated. Click the dropdown menu at the end of the row and select Delete.

  11. A message will open to inform you that you are deleting a custom field. Click Delete on this message. The field will successfully delete.

Next Steps:

Now that the deprecated Event Master-Detail field is deleted from the Attendee object, it’s time to Run Access Manager. This will assign the correct permissions to the profiles on your org.