Additional enhancements are included in the Event Builder to simplify event creation and improve the quality of events.


Page configuration in the Pages Tab has been simplified to improve usability. The previous drag and drop method of organizing pages has been replaced with arrows in a Move column to adjust the order pages display on an event microsite.

Drag and drop has also been replaced in the Manage Components window for configuring Lightning Components in pages. Users will now select Lightning Components to add to a page and use arrows to position components on a page.

In addition, users have two new Lightning Components to use. An Image Component and a Video Component are included in the 2018-R1 release. With these components, users can add images and video content to their event pages. 

Access Permissions:

The Access Permissions Tab has been improved to allow users to manage access permissions for the event, ticket types, and schedule items all in one place.

Users can also manage Badge permissions for individual ticket types and schedule items. They can create new Badge Types for speedy configuration and directly adjust Badge Types for a single ticket type or schedule item.

Manage Registration:

General improvements have been made for managing event registration through the event microsite. A dropdown menu will be available to portal users to access their tickets, modify attendees, manage their agenda, and transfer or cancel their registration.

Administrator Options:

As of 2018-R1, administrators can access metadata for Events to make modifications to Event Builder tabs for all registration styles as well as to which statuses, pages, and components are created by default when creating an event from scratch.


Other enhancements of note include:

  • Instead of a Full Name field that included the registrant's first and last name in one field, the Attendee Object will now include First and Last Name fields that get populated by the information entered in the registration process.
  • The script registry will track which scripts have run. Each time a script runs, an entry will be added to a custom setting logging that the script ran. This will prevent the script from running again after upgrading.

  • Each page tab on an event microsite now has a URL link through which all traffic to these links can be tracked using Google Analytics.
  • Users can enter instructions for the Tickets and Agenda registration pages through the Tickets and Agenda Tabs.
  • When looking up Rooms or Locations for an event, users will only see those related to the current event.
  • Users can add URLs to Sponsor logos to create a hyperlink.
  • A description can be added under a Sponsor's image on the Sponsors Page.
  • Clicking the Speaker's name will open a popup window with the Speaker's bio and picture on the Agenda Screen.
  • Users can drag and drop Speakers into the order they would like them to appear on the Speaker and Featured Speakers components.

  • Prices set to 0.00 will display as Free during registration. This is controlled by a custom label that can be altered if desired.