Welcome to the Fonteva 21Winter Pre-Update Guide!

This Pre-Update guide provides the steps for you to prepare your org for the upcoming 21Winter release.

How Does Fonteva Ensure Event Registrants Can See Their Attendee Records?

In the 20Spring.1 release, we introduced you to Salesforce Sharing Sets. Sharing Sets allow administrators to give access to records in the system to community users that are Contacts in the database. As part of the 20Spring.1 update, you configured Sharing Sets for your org. You can review those steps here.

The Attendee object was not included in your Sharing Set configuration in this release. This was due to a Master-Detail relationship between the Attendee and Event objects. When Master-Detail relationships are present, the detail object inherits the master object’s permissions and precludes that object from being used in Sharing Sets.

The Master-Detail relationship between the Attendee and Event objects prevented the Attendee object from being added to the necessary Sharing Set(s) to allow appropriate access to Community Portal users. This would result in event registrants being unable to see their Attendee records in the Fonteva Community Portal.

To resolve this issue, Fonteva is deprecating the Event Master-Detail relationship in 21Winter and replacing it with an Event lookup relationship. This makes it possible to include the Attendee object in the necessary Sharing Set(s) and give the Attendees and Group Registration Owners the ability to view and manage their Attendee records for any Event.

Given that this will be a change to the data structure within the Attendee object, it is possible that there are additional references to this deprecated field in Reports, customizations, and/or security policies. Users can begin locating the deprecated field in their orgs and replace it with the new lookup field ahead of the 21Winter release. This Pre-Update guide shows you step by step how to locate the deprecated Master-Detail field in your org and replace it with the new lookup field. This way you’ll be prepared to update to 21Winter when it is released.

Please read the following guide in its entirety to take the appropriate measures to prepare for this change. The Event Master-Detail relationship field on the Attendee object will be deprecated in 21Winter, and you have the opportunity now to make your updates with this release! If you need help or extra guidance, contact Fonteva Customer Support. They are more than happy to assist.

Next Steps:

You can begin preparing for 21Winter by resolving field references to the deprecated EventApi__Event__c field on the Attendee object. The Update Deprecated Field: Customizations page will get you started.