The Fonteva 21Winter release wraps up security improvements introduced in 20Spring.1 and introduces new Multi-Currency functionality as a Beta release.

Sharing Sets - Event Master-Detail Field Update:

In the previous 20Spring.1 release, Fonteva introduced users to Sharing Sets. Sharing Sets allow administrators to give access to records in the system to Community Portal users that are Contacts in the database. As part of the 20Spring.1 update, you configured Sharing Sets for your org. You can review those steps here.

The Attendee object was not included in your Sharing Set configuration in this release. This was due to a Master-Detail relationship between the Attendee and Event objects. When Master-Detail relationships are present, the detail object inherits the master object’s permissions and precludes that object from being used in Sharing Sets.

To resolve this issue, Fonteva is deprecating the Event Master-Detail relationship in 21Winter and replacing it with an Event lookup relationship. This makes it possible to include the Attendee object in the necessary Sharing Set(s) and give the Attendees and Group Registration Owners the ability to view and manage their Attendee records for any Event.

21Winter Pre-Update Guide:

Fonteva has provided a 21Winter Pre-Update Guide with directions for preparing ahead of the release to delete the old Event Master-Detail field and replace it with the new Event lookup field. This way, users can jump right into the Update Checklist in the 21Winter Release Notes and update to 21Winter when ready.

Sharing Sets must be configured prior to completing the 21Winter Pre-Update Guide, and your org should be updated to 20Spring.1 or later.

Multi-Currency Beta:

Beta Release:

Multi-Currency is a Beta release in 21Winter to allow the global Fonteva User Network to explore the functionality in their Sandboxes prior to general availability later this year. While Fonteva customers are encouraged to test the Beta feature in their Sandbox environments, bugs and feature gaps will not be patched by the Product Team until the general release. If a product issue is found during a test or trial use, customers are encouraged to create cases via the FUNcommunity so any fixes can be incorporated into the general release. The Fonteva Product Team is actively engaged with a selection of Beta trial accounts to ensure a thoroughly tested general release.

The focus of the 21Winter release is Multi-Currency Beta. Multi-Currency allows users the option of utilizing multiple currencies in their business without double work. Previously, users had to create duplicate Business Groups, Items, Events, and other records to handle multiple currencies due to Salesforce’s Multiple Currencies feature only allowing one default currency.

Fonteva’s Multi-Currency Beta resolves that issue by allowing users to set one Reporting Currency on the Business Group and multiple Functioning Currencies on the Store. When the Multi-Currency Critical Update is enabled, Community Portal users can choose from any of these currencies using the new Currency Picker.

Multi-Currency Beta For Staff:

A number of features have been developed to help staff users convert and manage currencies in the org.

  • Currency Conversion Table: Fonteva has developed a Currency Conversion Table where you can manage conversion rates for your org.

  • Price Rules Currency Manager: New Price Rule functionality allows staff to create Price Rules to round-up converted prices into easily managed sums.

  • Reporting Objects: New Reporting Objects help your financial staff understand gains and losses from conversion rates.

In addition, staff can perform currency conversions in Rapid Order Entry and the Order Summary Builder.

Multi-Currency Terminology:

There are some new terms you will encounter when Multi-Currency is activated in your org. We’ve provided a table below so you can get a head start.



Reporting Currency

This Fonteva feature is the currency your org uses for reporting purposes, such as taxes. There can only be one Reporting Currency per Business Group, but you can have multiple Business Groups set up with different Reporting Currencies. You will set the Reporting Currency using the Currency field on your Business Group record.

Functional Currency

This Fonteva feature is the currency your customers select for a transaction in the Community Portal. You can have multiple Functional Currencies for your customers to select from. You will set the Functional Currencies available in your Community Portal using the Fonteva Supported Currency CSV field on the Store object.

Active Currency

This is the last currency your customer selected in the Community Portal to make transactions with. The Active Currency field on the Contact record records this value for all of your Contacts and updates it whenever a customer selects a different currency.

Corporate Currency

This is the designated default currency used inside your Salesforce org. Corporate Currency is basic currency functionality within Salesforce. This is set with Salesforce’s Multiple Currencies. It does not affect your Community Portal.

Conversion Rate

This is the rate at which a currency value is converted to another currency value. You will set up conversion rates on the Currency Conversion Table.

Conversion Gain/Loss

If a conversion from one currency to another results in more money than the original total for the order, that is a gain. If a conversion results in less money than the original total for the order, that is a loss.