Updating to 2018-R2:

Important Before Updating

It is recommended you test 2018-R2 in a sandbox before you upgrade in your environment.

Important Before Updating

  • Before you upgrade, check Deploy Metadata from Non-Certified Package Version via Apex in Apex Settings.
  • Before you upgrade, be sure to delete the tab named, Catalog (OrderApi__Catalog__c).

Important After Updating

  • Run Access Manager to enable access to new Objects.
  • Please ensure you also run Access Manager for Guest User Profiles.
  • Please update your page layouts with the following buttons/actions and fields as recommended below.
  • Please run the installation scripts for all registered apps.

Schema Updates:

The following fields were added in 2018-R2. Please assign the 2018-R2 page layout to the appropriate profiles when updating to 2018-R2. Alternatively, if you have custom configurations on your page layouts, please add the new fields below manually.


The following new fields and new objects will only work in 2018-R2 and onward. They will have no effect on CPBase Sites from prior to the 2018-R2 release. Please keep this in mind if you plan to upgrade to 2018-R2 but delay creating your Fonteva Community.

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New Objects:

New ObjectNew Fields

Community Site


Address Book Instructions


Assign Members Contact Field Set


Badges Instructions


Captcha Lightning Component


Community ID


Community Name


Cookie Decline Redirect


Create Account Override


Display Enhanced List View


Display Geo Location View


Display Large Tile View


Display Small Tile View


Default Event Listing


Enable Access Permissions


Enable Captcha


Enable Cookie Prompt


Enable Event Listing Filter


Event Listings Filters


Event Sort Fields


Featured Event Carousel Timer


Geo Location Radius Filter Values CSV


Invoices Instructions


Is Default

(LTE__Is_Default__c) RESERVED

Is Published

(LTE__Is_Published__c) RESERVED

Logo Image


Logo Target URL


Manage Subscription Instructions


My Info Instructions


Payment Method Instructions


Payment Page Instructions


Profile Contact Fieldset CSV


Site URL



(LTE__Store__c) (Lookup)

New ObjectNew Fields

Community Site Event


Community Site




New ObjectNew Fields

Community Menu Item


Default List View


Display Order


Enable Access Permissions


Is Profile Menu Item


Object Type


Open Link in New Tab


Parent Menu Item

(LTE__Parent_Menu_Item__c) (Lookup)

Profile Menu Item Component


Publicly Available


Community Site

(LTE__Site__c) (Lookup)





New Fields:

ObjectNew Fields

Access Permissions


Community Site

(LTE__Site__c) (Lookup)

Community Menu Item

(Menu_Item__c) (Lookup)

ObjectNew Fields



Restrict Assignment Visibility


ObjectNew Fields

Business Group


Invoice Page Override


Receipt Page Override


ObjectNew Fields



Catalog Filters


Placeholder Image


ObjectNew Field

Featured Event


ObjectNew Fields

Event Chatter Groups


Collaboration Group Id



(EventApi__Event__c) (Lookup)

Group Id


Group Name


ObjectNew Field




(OrderApi__Term__c) (Lookup)

ObjectNew Fields



Add to Cart Button Override


Add to Cart Button Label Override


Assignment Instructions


Enable Cancellation Request


eStore Description


Inventory Message


Renewal Form

(OrderApi__Renewal_Form__c) (Lookup)

ObjectNew Fields

Package Item


Package Item

(OrderApi__Package_Item__c) (Lookup)

Display Item


Foreign Key Id

(OrderApi__Foreign_Key_Id__c) (SYSTEM)

Is Group

(OrderApi__Is_Group__c) (SYSTEM)

Is Recommended


Group Header


Group Instructions Text


ObjectNew Fields

Price Rule


Tax Inclusive Price


Is Promotional Price


ObjectNew Fields




(OrderApi__Account__c) (Lookup)

Active Assignments


Assignments Allowed


Cancellation Requested



(OrderApi__Contact__c) (Lookup)

Days to Lapse


Dues Total





(OrderApi__Item__c) (Lookup)

Next Invoice Due


Next Scheduled Payment Date


Next Term Renewed Date


Previous Term

(OrderApi__Previous_Term__c) (Lookup)

Renewal Sales Order

(OrderApi__Renewal_Sales_Order__c) (Lookup)

ObjectNew Field

Renewal Path


Sort Order


ObjectNew Fields

Sales Order Line


Foreign Key

(OrderApi__Foreign_Key__c) SYSTEM

Parent Foreign Key

(OrderApi__Parent_Foreign_Key__c) SYSTEM

Subscription Start Date


ObjectNew Fields



Default Store Listing


Enable Enhanced List View


Enable Large Tile View


Enable Small Tile View


Enable Tax Inclusive Pricing


Enable Partial Payments for Invoices


eStore Sort Fields


ObjectNew Fields



Hide in Portal


Next Scheduled Payment Date


Term Active Assignments


Term Assignments Allowed


Term Dues Total


Term End Date


Term Start Date


Subscription Management Page Override


ObjectNew Field

Subscription Line



(OrderApi__Term__c) (Lookup)

ObjectNew Fields

Subscription Plan


Item Renewal Instructions


Payment Settings Instructions


Post-Term Renewal Window


Pre-Term Renewal Window


ObjectNew Field



Event Location


New Buttons and Related Lists:

Related Lists:

Community Site (LTE__Site__c):
Community Menu Related List
Community Site Related List
Access Permissions Related List
Community Site History Related List

Term (OrderApi__Renewal__c):
Invoices Related List
Schedule Payments Related List

New Buttons:

Package Items Related List:

Add the Advanced Item Settings button to access Advanced Item Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Item page layout and locate the Package Items related list.
  2. [Click] the wrench icon. The Related List Properties modal will open.
  3. [Click] the + icon to open the Buttons section.
  4. [Select] Advanced Item Settings in the Available Buttons box and [Add] it to the Selected Buttons box.
  5. [Click] Ok.
  6. [Click] Save to save changes to the page layout.

Community Menu Items Related List:

  1. Navigate to the Community Site page layout and locate the Community Menu Items related list.
  2. [Click] the wrench icon. The Related List Properties modal will open.
  3. [Click] the + icon to open the Buttons section.
  4. [Check] New.
  5. [Uncheck] Change Owner.
  6. [Click] Ok.
  7. [Click] Save to save changes to the page layout.

Deprecated and Reserved Fields:

Reserved Fields:

ObjectReserved Field
Catalog (OrderApi__Catalog__c)Display Featured Items (OrderApi__Display_Featured_Items__c)
Item (OrderApi__Item__c)Enable Midterm Changes (OrderApi__Enable_Midterm_Changes__c)

Parent Item (OrderApi__Parent_Item__c)

Inventory (OrderApi__Inventory__c)
Media Asset (PagesApi__Media_Asset__c)Item (OrderApi__Item__c)

Display Order (OrderApi__Display_Order__c)

Is Default (OrderApi__Is_Default__c)
Media Collection (PagesApi__Media_Collection__c)Item Class (OrderApi__Item_Class__c)
Term (OrderApi__Renewal__c)Last Amendment Date (OrderApi__Last_Amendment_Date__c)

Is Changed (OrderApi__Is_Changed__c)
Store (OrderApi__Store__c)Enable Item Facebook Sharing (OrderApi__Enable_Item_Facebook_Sharing__c)

Enable Item Instagram Sharing (OrderApi__Enable_Item_Instagram_Sharing__c)

Enable Item Link Sharing (OrderApi__Enable_Item_Link_Sharing__c)

Enable Item Twitter Sharing (OrderApi__Enable_Item_Twitter_Sharing__c)
Membership (OrderApi__Subscription__c)Renewal Override (OrderApi__Renewal_Override__c)

Deprecated Fields:

ObjectDeprecated Field
Store (OrderApi__Store__c)Disable Price Filter (OrderApi__Disable_Price_Filter__c)
Community Menu Item (LTE__Menu_Item__c)Action (LTE__Action__c)

Add the More Topics Link (LTE__Add_the_More_Topics_Link__c)

Languages (LTE__Languages __c)

Page (LTE__Page__c)

Community Site (LTE__Site__c)Community Styles (LTE__Community_Styles__c)

Event Search Filters (LTE__Event_Search_Filters__c)

Geo Location Radius Filter Values (LTE__Geo_Location_Radius_Filter_Values__c)
Membership (OrderApi__Subscription__c)Current Term End Date (OrderApi__Current_Term_End_Date__c)

Current Term Start Date (OrderApi__Current_Term_Start_Date__c)

Hide in Portal (OrderApi__Hide_In_Portal__c)

Fonteva Communities:

The 2018-R2 release is all about Communities. Fonteva has developed new Fonteva Communities built on Salesforce Lightning Community technology. You will now use Lightning components to configure aspects of your Community, providing more control over your Community.

2018-R2 shifts Fonteva from CPBase Sites to Communities. Previously, a Community could host multiple Sites. As of 2018-R2, this rule has changed to support one Fonteva Site per Community. Users will need to create multiple Communities to support features like multiple currencies or multiple payment gateways. They will also need to individually set up guest profiles for each Community created.

It is important to note that your organization's current Site will not be automatically forced to upgrade to a Fonteva Community upon updating to 2018-R2. You will upgrade to your new Community at your own pace, providing time to decide which path is best for you. You can create a brand new Community from scratch or migrate your existing Site to a Fonteva Community. If you have upgraded to the 2018-R2 release and want to create a new Community in your sandbox, please feel free to reference the Fonteva Lightning Guide to get started.

For those that wish to convert their current Community to the new Fonteva Community, please be sure to discuss potential impact to current functionality with your Account Manager.

Lightning Experience:

Fonteva Communities were designed using Salesforce Lightning Community technology, so they work best when using Lightning Experience as opposed to Salesforce Classic. Fonteva recommends using Lightning Experience when utilizing 2018-R2 Fonteva Communities, as they were created with Lightning technology. However, it is not a requirement. The Fonteva Lightning User Guide is a great resource for directions on using Fonteva features in Lightning as well as how to move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience if desired.

Membership Backend Improvement:

The Schema for Membership has been streamlined for improved subscription management and renewals. Originally, the Term, Assignments, and Subscription Lines objects looked up to the Membership object. This resulted in a rough and confusing renewals process that made it difficult for users to easily change aspects of their membership from term to term due to how these objects were relating to each other. These objects have been rearranged so the Assignments and Subscription Lines objects now look up to the Term object, which looks up to the Membership object.

Historical Data Script for Subscription Line Terms:

Fonteva has created a Historical Data Script to update historical data for subscription lines created prior to 2018-R2 with the new Membership backend arrangement. This script has logic to find any subscription in the database and populate the subscription lines with the active or latest term. Subscription lines for inactive subscriptions will populate with the inactive term. If a Membership has multiple terms, corresponding subscription lines will need to be populated for these terms.


Memberships in the portal will display either the active term or the latest term if no terms are active.

Critical Updates:

Line Item Receivables Automatic Update:

The https://fonteva.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/userguide/pages/854209507 will be automatically applied upon updating to 2018-R2. If LIR was not activated before updating to 2018-R2, all invoices created after updating to 2018-R2 will have LIR applied. Any invoices created before updating to 2018-R2 will continue to function as previously designed. LIR will automatically be activated, and there is no way to reverse or prevent it.

Community Site Settings:

Staff users can define when they want to switch from using a CPBase URL to a Lightning Community URL as the Default Site. They will designate this URL in Community Site Settings from the Lightning Lens App in Spark. This will affect the following:

  • All Site URLs
  • Event Emails
  • Proforma

Technical Improvements and Documentation:

Fonteva Lightning Guide:

A new Fonteva Lightning Guide is now available for users who have migrated to Salesforce Lightning Experience. It covers how to utilize Fonteva features in Lightning Experience as well as some support articles for navigating to Lightning Experience. The Fonteva Lightning Guide can be accessed from here as well as from the Fun Community under Help and Resources.

Scoped CSS Style Sheet:

Fonteva CSS styles have been scoped into a style sheet so it is easier for customers to override styles with their own custom styles. Fonteva has removed the Important tags from styles so customers can use this tag to override Fonteva styles. Having scoped style sheets also prevents any negative effects for future Salesforce changes to the core Lightning design system.

Person Account Support:

Fonteva now supports Person Accounts when enabled through Salesforce. Person Accounts are created when Contacts are created without an Account associated.

Payment Issues Records:

System Logs will generate a record for every Request and Response to Spreedly from supporting customers with payment issues. These records will be created when Debug Mode is enabled in Spreedly preferences. Please contact your support representative to enable or disable Debug Mode.

Additional Improvements:

The following improvements have also been implemented:

  • The QuillJS HTML rich text editor has been replaced with the Froala HTML rich text editor.
  • The Marketplace in Spark Admin has been renamed Product Updates.
  • When a checkbox field in a form is designated as required, the form in Lightning Events will require the checkbox to be checked.
  • When a package is removed, any dependent functionality, such as Rollups, will be removed as well.

Critical Bugs Resolved in 2018-R2:

Bug DescriptionComponent
Report load times were taking too long when loading contacts for Invite Only events with over 500 contacts and Attendee Creation would also take too long when a large number of contacts were selected. The Event Builder would freeze in some cases. The load time is now reasonable when there are large numbers of contacts and Attendee Creation no longer fails.Assemble, Events
A blank Sales Order was created every time a Community user logged in to the Community. A new Sales Order is no longer created when a Community user logs in.Engage, Member Community
When users upgraded to 2018-R1, existing custom page CSS would throw Lightning Component load errors. Users can now access these pages without any Lightning Component load errors resulting.Assemble, Events
When users chose Enable Auto Renew when renewing a subscription, the saved payment method would not be saved. The designated saved payment method will now successfully save when renewing a subscription with Auto Renew enabled.Charge, eBusiness
When users added the Birthday field to the My Profile field set, the field set would not sync back to the Contact record when users logged in to the Community and tried to save the information. The records now sync successfully and display the field labels.Engage, Communities
EventApi Install Scripts would fail for customers with large amounts of events and venues greater than 5000. The EventApi Install Scripts will now complete without any issues.Assemble, Events
Rollup Summaries with workflow field updates were not functioning, resulting in incorrect results. Workflow field updates will now function correctly on Rollup Summaries and generate correct results when Rollup Summaries are run.Spark Framework
Despite removing the Attendee from the Attendee modal, users will still able to click Continue and move forward in Event Registration without a ticket selected. Users are no longer able to proceed through Event Registration without a ticket selected.Assemble, Events
The Customer Receipt page previously did not have output encoding or a Content Security Policy. The URL will now encode the customer's user name on the receipt when a script reference is included on the receipt.Charge, eBusiness
When triggers were disabled on Rollup Summary fields, Sales Order services would not run and the Sales Order would be created with the incorrect status. Sales Order will be created with the correct status now when triggers are disabled on Rollup Summary fields.Spark Framework
Package Items were missing after fulfilling a Join Process flow with packaged items. All Package Items selected in a Join Process will now render successfully.Join Processes
Package Items selected from a Join Process would render in the incorrect order from the display order on the Package Item list. Selected Package Items will now render int he correct order.Join Process
Fields designated as required did not show up as required on the Assignment Field Set for Guest Registrant Field Sets for Invite Only events. Fields designated as required will now display as required.Assemble, Events
Community members would receive an error when they attempted to save a payment method in the Payment Methods tab when payment Gateways did not support Verify. They can now successfully save new payment methods.Charge, eBusiness
Users could not modify the Activation Date for Sales Order Lines. They can now successfully modify the Activation Date field for Sales Order Lines.Charge, eBusiness
The Donation Campaign and Sponsorship Catalog pages appeared disorganized and collapsed on mobile devices. These pages now appear correctly on mobile devices and are more mobile responsive.Assemble, Events
The Microsoft Outlook Calendar displayed an incorrect Time Zone and followed UK Daylight Time Zone (UTC) settings. The Microsoft Outlook Calendar will now reciprocate with Eastern Daylight Time settings on Google Calendars.Assemble, Events
Answers on forms would be erased due to a refresh issue during Event Registration. Form answers will no longer be erased.Assemble, Events
When a ticket type had more than one Badge applied, users were not able to edit the ticket type and would receive an error. Users can now successfully edit ticket types with multiple Badges attached without receiving any errors.Assemble, Events
In orgs with less than three custom payment types, backend payments made through Rapid Order Entry would not process payments or invoices, and an error would generate. Payments and invoices will now process without error in Rapid Order Entry.Charge, eBusiness
When event registrants used the Add All button on the Schedule Item page in Event Registration, price rules for the Schedule Items were not always applied. Prices rules will now always be applied to Schedule Items when the Add All button is used.Assemble, Events
When a subscription with child lines was cancelled and then subsequently reactivated, the child lines would not be reactivated. The child lines will now be successfully reactivated.Engage, Member Community
The Auto Send Proforma configuration on a Subscription Plan would result in blank or no proforma emails being sent. Proforma emails will now be sent with email fields successfully pulling from the configuration fields set on the Subscription Plan.Engage, Member Community
When using Rapid Order Entry to purchase tickets for an event with multiple attendees, source or discount codes failed to trigger the price rule for any of the attendees. Price rules will now apply successfully when source or discount codes are applied for tickets with multiple attendees in Rapid Order Entry.Rapid Order Entry
When creating a scheduled payment with Direct Debits - GoCardless, the scheduled date would be incorrect. The scheduled date will now generate correctly when a scheduled payment is created.Direct Debits