Fonteva Communities

The 2018-R2 release delivers new Fonteva Communities built on Salesforce’s Lightning Community technology. It provides a fresh, new look and improved, intuitive functionality across Profiles,  Groups,  Stores, and Event Listings. The new Community encompasses all of the original feature capabilities and includes many more new ones. You control the timeline for adopting the new Community. Your existing Community will continue to function just as it does today after you move to 2018-R2.

2018-R2 Features and Enhancements:

  • New Lightning Community
    • New UI
    • Membership Management
    • Advanced Package Items
    • eStore Improvements
    • Community Chatter Groups
    • Improved Events Listings

Subscription Management

The Subscription feature has been streamlined for improved subscription management and smooth renewals, with particular attention paid to tiered, spousal, and company subscriptions. Portal users will have improved visuals on their purchased subscriptions from their Profiles via the Subscriptions page. They will be able to monitor scheduled payments, view subscription details, and examine any additional subscription seats they have assigned. They also will have more subscription management capability. Portal users can manage and assign subscription membership, manage payment information, renew subscriptions, and request a subscription cancellation.

Staff users can utilize the new Advanced Package Items feature (below) to create tiered, spousal, and company subscriptions. Subscription purchase also has been streamlined to have clearer, more defined steps.

Advanced Package Items

A new Advanced Item Settings Builder is available in 2018-R2 with three new different kinds of related items that can be configured. Staff users can configure Included,  Additional, and Recommended  Items.

  • Included Items: Items will be automatically added to the order along with the parent item. These items are required.
  • Additional Items: Items or groups of items the customer can select to add to a purchase. These can be optional or required.
  • Recommended Items: Items will display on the parent item's detail page as recommended purchases. These items are optional.

Included and Additional Items will display in the Shopping Cart and on the Checkout page as part of bundles with the original parent item.

eStore Improvements

The eStore's design has been improved to be more intuitive and direct.

Three new views are available to choose from in the store:

  • Large Tile View: Four listings will display per row and twelve listings will display per page.
  • Small Tile View: Six listings will display per row and eighteen listings will display per page.
  • List View: Ten listings will display per page, and pagination will display if there are more than ten listings.

The Shopping Cart has also been improved to create a more direct and seamless experience. Users can now hover over the Shopping Cart icon to access a dropdown summary of all items currently in the Shopping Cart without disrupting their shopping experience. They can choose to view their entire Shopping Cart on a full page or navigate directly to Checkout from this dropdown summary. Checkout has also become more seamless, allowing for users to purchase an event registration, a membership, and merchandise all in one go.

The following new features are also available in the eStore:

Tax Inclusive Pricing:

Staff users can include calculated tax in the displayed price for items in the Store (e.g. VAT Tax). The default tax rate for the item will be calculated and automatically included in the item's price. They can preview the tax inclusive price from the Price Rule record. Tax inclusive pricing can be applied to all items, including events, membership and subscriptions, and merchandise.


Tax Inclusive Pricing currently does not apply to Events. You cannot include calculated tax for Ticket Types or Sessions.

Updated Invoice Payment:

Users in the Community Portal will pay invoices using the same systems in place for Line Level ReceivablesEvery invoice line item sold now gets populated by an Accounts Receivable (AR) field in the General Ledger (GL). Instead of a single combined sum of every item on the Invoice getting debited to AR, a debit will be populated towards AR for each invoice line. Likewise, a credit will be applied to the Revenue Account for each invoice line item. This helps track the different lines of revenue and AR as well as payments made or owed towards an item on the invoice.

Unlike the previous invoice payment page, staff users can designate whether Partial Payments are enabled. If they are, portal users can define the amount they wish to pay down to the line item level. They can apply an underpayment to an invoice, but not an overpayment.

Salesforce Community Chatter Groups

Fonteva has moved from using Community Groups to Salesforce Chatter Groups in the Community Portal in 2018-R2. The following Group functions are included:

  • Public and Private Groups
  • Group Members List
  • Group Files
  • File Uploader

The following Salesforce Chatter functions are also included:

  • Posts
  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Announcements

Staff users will also be able to designate Groups that will have access to an event from the Event Builder.

Improved Events Listings

The Events Listings page has been improved to better display the events available for registration in the community.

A Featured Events Carousel is now available on the Events Listings page. It will automatically cycle through the banner images of any events marked as a Featured Event by staff users. Only events with banner images can show up in the Featured Events Carousel.

Four new views users can select to view available event listings:

  • Large Tile ViewFour events will display per row and twelve events will display per page.
  • Small Tile ViewSix events will display per row and eighteen events will display per page.
  • List ViewTen events will display per page with pagination if there are more than ten events listing.
  • Geo-location ViewA map view will open and events with a primary venue with a legitimate address will display. Secondary venues will not display. The displayed events will list in a menu on the left-hand side of the map in sets of ten you can page through.

A new Radius Filter is now included by default for the Geo-location view. Portal users can filter for events based on a specific geographic radius if the user shares their location.

Staff users also have the option to create filters on additional fields on their event objects.


Captcha can now be enabled at login to add an extra layer of security. When enabled, registered users, guest users, and new users creating an Account will encounter Captcha when attempting to log in or register.