Fonteva's Framework was built with a single guiding principle in mind: No Code, No Time, No Problem. The following documentation was created to help you extend the functionality of your Fonteva app. Using Fonteva, you can significantly reduce the amount of code you're required to write, thus saving time while providing your users with a customized experience.

Why We Do It

We asked the questions: "How do you take the current functionality of Salesforce and extend it to make it better? How do you get your app fully functional without having to write custom code beyond business requirements?"  We strive for either a zero-code implementation where it's fully configurable or a great reduction in the amount of code that needs to be written.

One of the things our team strived for when developing their Framework was to find a way to extend the functionality of Salesforce's triggers. Working in the Salesforce ecosystem created a series of challenges. For example, when you have multiple triggers attached to one object, there is no way to control the order in which those triggers are executed. As a result, we asked the following questions:

  • How can you add an order of execution and provide proper error handling?
  • If a trigger fails, how do you find that specific error in an easy manner?
  • How do we provide the customer with a clean and efficient setup without having to write duplicate code?

As a solution, our developers wrapped and extended Salesforce's functionality. Salesforce often provides a good runway, but not quite enough to get going. We used Salesforce as a base and built the functionality and extendability on top of it. We also have provided a much more efficient development process by giving you seamless upgrades and not forcing you to rewrite code. When we started building our platform, the goal was to be fully backward compatible. Instead of just extending Salesforce's functionality, we also protect your application from Salesforce change.

With Fonteva's Framework, you're building on top of the Salesforce platform where you have full, granular control over every piece. This gives you the ability to make the changes you want to make with minimal effort.

How We Do It

Fonteva builds the underlying architecture; you only need to build what your business needs. That gives you more time to be innovative instead of building something that's already been done. Fonteva wraps Salesforce's functionality, builds our own functionality, and tests it to ensure the quality of code.

For example, in the case of inputFields, we wrap all of the fields provided by Salesforce and add more functionality. We built custom fields that allow for things like Google Autocomplete and creating a lookup component that can be configured in a single line of code instead of having to write hundreds of lines of code. The main thing we focus on is reducing the code to zero as much as possible.

That's what our developers strive for: We write code thoughtfully so you, the customer, won't have to. We leverage all the latest Salesforce features to make sure you get as much functionality as your business needs, such as pushing the limits of custom metadata types or being able to build restful endpoints without writing any code.

Essentially, Fonteva ships development containers that will work seamlessly from release to release. Any customized functionality inside of these containers is up to you. Even if the code inside the container has bugs, your application still functions.  For example, if you build a Custom Payment Type that fails due to an update, your Fonteva app will function even if your Custom Payment Type does not. 

The container mechanism is what Fonteva is moving toward in the rest of the platform. This allows your organization to continue to do e-business seamlessly because we guarantee the container will work.

The result is a customized experience for the user/developer. Fonteva's Framework gives the end user/developer power over the platform.

This Documentation

This Developer Documentation illustrates how our philosophy allows granular control over your Salesforce org using your Fonteva app.

For example, you can:

The documentation was developed alongside the creators of Fonteva's Framework with their users and partner developers in mind. 

No Code. No Time. No Problem.