Tooltip contains helper text in order to clarify the purpose of a field or component.

When you instantiate the Tooltip component, an indicator renders after the field label. Hovering your mouse over the icon displays helper text.  Providing the sObjectName and fieldName attributes are provided, the sObject's helper text is used by default. You can configure custom helper text using the helpText attribute, you can configure custom helper text.

<Framework:Tooltip helpText="Controls the number of times a price rule can be used for a single item. Limit per account sets the total usage by all contacts on the account. Limit per contact sets the total usage by each contact. Leave blank to allow unlimited usage."/>

Configurable Attributes

  • sObjectName - Name of the sObject with your default helper text.

  • fieldName - Name of the field you want to attach the Tooltip to
  • helpText - Your custom helper text

Formatting option such as font and position can be configured using iziToast. See for more information.