Fonteva provides a centralized method of handling messages within your app. 

You can customize these warning messages using the Toast component. For example, you can configure your Toast messages to automatically dismiss after a certain period of time. You can also have messages displayed when a user takes an action on the page.

When using SalesForce Classicizitoast is used.

When using Lightning, the SalesForce Toast component is used.

Configurable Attributes

  • title – Title of the displayed message.
  • message – The message displayed.
  • autoHide – Setting this to true dismisses the message after 15 seconds. False forces the user to dismiss the message themselves.
  • severity (SalesForce  Classic) – Sets the color depending on the setting. 
  • severity (SalesForce Lightning) – Sets the color depending on the setting.

    For options regarding the severity attribute, see the links above for more information.

  • position – the position where the message displays. Choose from toplefttopcentertoprightbottomleftbottomcenter, or bottomright

See FrameworkToast for more information on required Aura methods.

Use the following code example to enable Toast messages::

component.find('toastMessages').showMessage('TITLE','ERROR MESSAGE',AutoHideBoolean,'error')