Product Updates provides an easy way for Fonteva to provide apps and updates to their customers. This includes updates to existing code and updates with new functionality. When upgrades are available, they are displayed on the Product Updates page.

To get to Product Updates, click on Spark Admin > Product Updates.

If you are not on the latest versions of Fonteva apps, you will see patches for both the version you are using and for the latest version. You can either update to the latest patch for the Fonteva version you are using, or you can update to the next version. If you are already on the latest version, you will only see updates for that version.

  • When in Product Updates, you may see a message that tells you that Product Updates is in maintenance mode and cannot be accessed. Wait a short while, and it should be available.
  • If you get too far behind on updates, Fonteva will only show you the latest version. You will no longer be able to patch the older version you are using.

When an update is available, any required packages are updated all at once so you don’t have to install individual packages.

When installing an update, if any package fails to install properly, all packages will revert to their originals. If you get a failure, you’ll receive a message about why it failed. To resolve the failure, repair the issue in your environment, or submit a case to Fonteva in order to resolve the issue. If the issue is with Salesforce, Fonteva will work with you to create a Salesforce case.

Once you start an update, navigate to Setup > Deploy > Deployment Status.

The Deployment Status displays items currently being deployed and periodically refreshes itself to keep you aware of its progress. Clicking on any individual deployment displays details about that update, including the reason for the failure.

A full platform update could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Because Salesforce does not allow you to rollback your updates, Fonteva strongly recommends that you update a test server before updating your production server.

Once the full update has succeeded, Salesforce does not allow you to roll back the installation. However, it is possible to cancel the entire upgrade while it is still in progress through the Deployment Status screen.

Once the deployment succeeds, there is no way to revert.

If you have built your own customizations on top of the Fonteva platform using some of Fonteva’s code, it is possible that an upgrade could break your code.

When you see an add-on package in Product Updates, that package is only be shown for the version of the Fonteva platform you currently have installed. Once you update the Fonteva platform, newer versions of the add-ons are made available to you.

  • You should periodically check Product Updates for available updates and apps.
  • At this time, there are no forced or automatic updates. All updates must be initiated by you.