This index provides a list of terms and setting along with their definitions and/or purpose within API Services. Terms are arranged alphabetically within the part of the application they reside. For specific use cases and context, please refer to the specific pages after each table.

API Services


Access Token

A string provided by the External Application's Authorization Server to be used to gain access to the External Application.
API Service KeyThe name of the API Service in Fonteva code.
Auth TypeThe type of Authentication required for the outgoing API Call to the External Application.
Authentication ServiceThe field that sends VendorAuthenticationClass from Fonteva to the External Application. This field can also be used to provide custom authentication parameters.
buildAuthorizationCodeUrlThis custom Authentication Service parameter provides the specific URL to get the Access Token from the External Application. This method takes a map value and returns a string.
buildTokenUrlThis custom Authentication Service parameter builds a redirect that allows the user to get the Initial Token from the External Application. This method returns a page reference.
DescriptionA brief description of what the specific API Service does.
Display NameThe API Service name displayed in the Spark Framework UI
EndpointThe base endpoint for all API Calls
Endpoint URLThe URL which Fonteva uses to access specific services on an External Application, e.g.:
extractAccessTokenThis custom Authentication Service method tells Fonteva to extract the Access Token. This method takes a map value and returns a string.
Icon Image URLThe URL of the image you want to use for your API Service icon.
Initial TokenThe string provided by the Authentication Server in order to receive the Access Token. Not all External Applications require this.
VendorAuthenticationClassThe global default parameter for standard authentication types.

See Setting Up A New API Service for more information.

API Groupings

API ObjectThe data you want to be nested within the parent object.
API ResourceThe specific API Resource containing the parent object.
Target Related Lookup FieldThe field that relates the parent object to the data you want nested.

See API Groupings for more information.

API Resources


API Object

The object in the JSON document your API Resource is looking for.
API Object Key FieldThe value that uniquely identifies the field in an External Application.
API Resource NameThe name of the API Resource displayed in the UI.



These methods pull either the previous or last parsed JSON response received by your Fonteva application.


This method pulls the last JSON document without the mapping.
ReST EndpointA ReST endpoint provides a way to map a URI and HTTP method to a ReSTful resource. ReSTful resources are stateless and create cached responses.


Any persisted object type that can be stored in a Salesforce database.
Target SObjectThe target SObject for the information requested from the External Application.
Target SObject Key FieldThe field that uniquely identifies the specific record in the External Application.
URI VerbThe method needed to access the information.

See API Resources for more information.

API Mapping

API FieldThe JSON value you want to map to in the External Application.
Relationship FieldThe related field between your target field in the Fonteva app and the field in an External Application.
Target FieldThe destination field in your Fonteva app.

See API Mapping for more information.

API Variables

API FieldThe name of the variable used in the outgoing API call.
Field ValueThe value of the variable used in the outgoing API call.
Default ValueThe value that is set if no value is entered by the user.

See API Variables for more information.


API Service Connections

Authorization Code URLThe URL used by the Authorization Server to return an Auth Code.
Client IDThe specific ID used by the Client Server.
Client SecretThe string that verifies the identity of the Client Server.
Connection NameThe displayed name of the connection.
HTTP Method to Get TokenThe HTTP verb used to retrieve the token from the Authorization Server.
Login Dialog URLThe URL used to initially request the Access Token
PasswordThe user's password for the Resource Server.
Refresh Token URLThe URL needed to retrieve a Refresh Token.
Request Token URLThe URL needed to request an Access Token from the Authorization Server.
ScopeThe scope of the access requested by your Fonteva app.
User Name

The user's username for the Resource Server.

See API Service Connections for more information.

Dispatch Objects


API Resource

The API Resource you wish to use for this trigger.
HTTP VerbThe HTTP verb needed to update the External Application.
NameThe displayed name of the Dispatch Object.
SObject NameThe name of the additional SObject that should be sent to the External Application.

See Dispatch Objects for more information.