Dispatch Objects is Fonteva's API Dispatcher. Your Fonteva app controls the order of execution, error logging, and more. The API Dispatcher also fires API Resources based on triggers. Dispatch Objects work for both Incoming and Outgoing API calls. This allows you to keep both your Fonteva app and the External App to stay in sync.

For example, if the API updates a Contact in Fonteva, you can configure a Dispatch Object to also update an External Application with every update when the Contact is updated.

Before You Begin

You must apply the Critical Spark Update Dispatch Api Calls on triggers. See https://fonteva.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/userguide/pages/854240804 for more information.

Creating a New Dispatch Object

From the API Service Detail:

  1. [Click] 
  2. [Enter] the following:
    • Name
    • API Resource
    • SObject Name - the Fonteva field that is updated in the External Application.
    • HTTP verb
  3. Click the Is Enabled checkbox to enable the Dispatch Object.
  4. Click 

Adding Custom Headers

Fonteva also allows you to add custom header variables to your Dispatch Object. To add a custom header variable to your existing Dispatch Object:

  1. [Click] 
    to expand the menu.
  2. [Select] Header Vars.
  3. Enter your variable.

For code examples, see Api.Dispatch and Api.DispatchHeaderVariables for more information.