What Are Direct Payment Gateways?

Direct Payment Gateways navigate users to an alternate Payment Gateway without having to support an additional Salesforce Community. This is useful for orgs with multiple user groups or sub-organizations within a single Community Portal with multiple eStore and Payment Gateway options.

Be aware that Direct Payment Gateways require customization to be utilized.


Store ID Parameter

To enable a Direct Payment Gateway, you will need to supply a Store ID parameter for checkout for the eStore and Events. Here is an example with the Store ID parameter highlighted. The Sales Order ID is at the end:


Here is an example of the Lightning Event with the Lightning Event ID highlighted:


Fonteva will read that parameter and confirm the website. Your parameter will always take precedence.

Return Option

After checkout, Fonteva will supply a return option in the form of a button to take your users back to their Community Portal after a successful payment when Direct Payment Gateways are configured.

The button URL and label must be encoded. Here are examples for the eStore and Events:

Store: https://my_base_url//LightningMemberPortal/s/store?storeid=xxxxxxxx&btnlabel=My%20Dashboard&btnurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmydashboard.com#/store/checkout/xxxxxx

Event: https://my_base_url//LightningMemberPortal/s/lt-eventid=XXXXX&storeid=xxxxxxxx&btnlabel=custom&btnurl=aaaa

Customers looking to configure a Direct Payment Gateway should connect with Fonteva Support for more information and guidance.


  • Direct Payment Gateways are limited only to Lightning Communities on the eStore and Event Registration checkout pages at this time. They will not function in CPBase Communities.

  • Off-site payment types are not supported with Direct Payment Gateways. This is because when a user returns from checking out with a third party, they will likely lose the necessary parameter from their URL.

  • Direct Debit is not supported because the user is directed to a different confirmation page.

  • Only one return option is supported at this time.