Users can create their own event registration styles rather than using the standard events Fonteva provides (Simple, Conference, and Lightning). To make this possible, Fonteva created a custom metadata type called Event Registration Style.

To create a new style

  1. [Click] 
    to access the Setup screen.
  2. [Select] Custom Code from the sidebar on the left side of your window.

  3. A list of items expands. [Select] Custom Metadata Types from that list.
  4.  A list displays. Find Event Registration Style and [click] Manage Records.

  5. Only the following three fields need to be filled in:

    • Object Name
    • Is Enabled
    • Target Page - When you click on an event, it takes you to a page called the EventAPIRouter. This router page looks up this custom metadata type and redirects your user to where you want them to go.

  6. Choose your Target Page option:

    • [Click] on
      > Simple. Select one of the following:

      • Apex - The Target Page is simple_event. You don’t need to do anything else; it knows it’s an Apex page it needs to provide. Only apex pages are provided this way.
      • LightningComponent - You need to provide /s/lt-event. You can use a fully qualified URL, a page name, or the path.