If you have a Salesforce standard or Custom Object, you must create a new Registered Object in order for your object to be available to your Fonteva App. Registering your object in your Fonteva app provides you with configuration options that allow a deeper level of control of your Objects.

For example, if you have five managed packages and want to set up a trigger for the Site Object from PagesApi in each of your packages, you would create a new Registered Object in your Fonteva app with a custom trigger in order to specify the order in which the action is triggered. Creating a Registered Object also allows you to be able to activate or deactivate the associated triggers.

The list of Registered Objects is not available under the Apps menu. Use the Registered Objects link under the Extend menu on the sidebar.

Create a New Registered Object

From the Registered Objects Dashboard:

  1. [Click] 
  2. [Enter] the following information:
    • Choose your Object from the menu. All available Objects are listed here.
    • the Namespace of the object. If the Object is not in a Namespace, enter 'N/A'.
    • the Apex Class for this Registered Object. See Apex Class for more information.
    • SOQL Limit - the default limit of records listed.
    • SOQL Order By - the default order of the listed records (e.g.: Alphabetical Ascending).

      • SOQL Limit and SOQL Order By are used by the Selector. See Framework_Selector for more information.

      • This is only a default. It can be overridden.

  1. [Click] the Is Enabled select box to enable your Registered Object.
  2. [Click] the Triggers Enabled select box to enable triggers associated with the Object.
  3. [Click] the Validation Disabled select box to disable validations for this Object. This disables validations at the trigger level only.
  4. [Click]