Developer Documentation

Documentation to help developers extend the functionality of Fonteva.


Welcome to Fonteva's Developer Documentation

Fonteva's Framework was built with a single guiding principle in mind: No Code, No Time, No Problem.

Developer Reference Guide

Resources for Fonteva Service APIs, Apex Technical Documentation, a Payment Engine Integration Guide, and examples of sample code.

API Services

Fonteva offers the ability to connect your application to External Apps through the use of API Services and associated configuration.

Creating Components for Custom Payment Types

Configure custom components to support custom payment types within your app.

Creating Components for Lightning Events

Build custom components for your Lightning Events.

Using Registered Objects

Registered Objects enables Spark Framework to track exceptions and errors through system logs, run rollup summaries and execute custom triggers on all manage...

Framework Aura Components

Customize standard or custom Salesforce components by configuring Framework Lightning Components.

Unit Testing

Fonteva's Unit Testing Framework for Lightning Components.

Custom Event Handlers for Event Registration

Customize your Event Registration experience.

Product Updates

Access Product Updates from Spark Framework.

Custom Event Registration Styles

Learn to create custom Event Registration Styles beyond standard events Fonteva provides.

Platform Services

Fonteva's Platform Services.

FDService Platform Examples

Sample code for using and extending the Fonteva Services platform.

Direct Payment Gateway Support

Develop an alternate Payment Gateway without having to support an additional Salesforce Community.

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