Table  View provides users with a concise and printable view that utilizes more results in a smaller amount of space on the screen.

From the Table View tab in the Directory Builder, you will have the ability to update and make changes to the following: 

  1. Enable Table Display - This checkbox must be checked for users to have the ability to access a Table View of their search results. 

  2. Enable List Print - When this checkbox is checked, users will be able to print a list of all search results by clicking on a Print button on the Table View of their Directory.  All defined Column Headers (see below) will appear on the printed list. If your search results consist of multiple pages, when clicking the Print button in the Directory, ALL results will be printed - not just the records on your current page of results.

  3. Display Results - This field determines how many records will be viewable per page when viewing your search results. For example, if Display Results = 5 and a search returns 20 results, 4 pages with 5 results per page will display.

  4. Column Headers - Use the Smart Search functionality in the Available Fields search field of the Column Header section, or manually scroll through the list of fields displayed in the text box. Once the desired Column Headers have been selected, drag and drop them into the Selected Fields text box. In the front end of your Directory, you can sort results in Table View by clicking on the arrow next to the Column Header.