Memberships may require you to provide some extra information, such as additional members or forms with extra questions. We will walk you through how to purchase a membership so the process is clear.

  1. From the Store, select a membership listing.

  2. Select your Subscription Plan.

  3. If applicable, check Auto Renew if you want to automatically renew your membership.

  4. Click Add to Order. You may encounter the following sections:

Assign Members:

The Assignment Members Table displays all Contacts that can be assigned to the subscription. Any Contacts currently assigned will be checked in the Assigned column. Check and uncheck Contacts in the Assign column to assign or remove them from the subscription.

The number of members assigned to the subscription displays in the upper left-hand corner of the table. 

You can search through the Contacts associated with your Account by typing a Contact's credentials in the Search field.

To create a new Contact,  + Add Member. The Add Member modal will open.

  1. Type the new Contact's First NameLast Name, and Email in the corresponding fields.

  2. Click Done. The new Contact will be added to the Assignment Members Table.

Click Continue to move to the next section.

Additional Items:

  1. The Additional Items section will open if applicable. Any additional items for the subscription will display here. These items may just be recommended, or you may be required to make a selection.

  2. Select any items you would like to add or are required to add and  Continue. 


  1. If there is an applicable form to fill out, the Forms section will open.

  2. Fill out any required form fields and click Continue.

  3. When you have completed all available sections, click Add to Cart. Your subscription will get added to the Shopping Cart.

Checkout With Installments:

Checkout is generally the same with subscriptions as other items in your store, but there are some key differences you should take note of regarding installments. Users are not paying the total price of the subscription up front. They're paying a portion at a time through the installments set up through the Subscription Plan. Users will see both the 

When your subscription is added to the Shopping Cart, a modal will display briefly to confirm your item is added to the cart. It will list the particulars of your Subscription Plan with the following fields:

  • Plan: Displays the duration of the Subscription Plan.

  • Auto Renew: Lists if Auto Renew is enabled or disabled for the subscription.

  • Price: Lists the total price of the subscription. This is the combination of all scheduled installments broken up by the Subscription Plan.

  • Installment Price: Lists the price of one installment. This is the price you will be charged at checkout.

In the Shopping Cart dropdown modal, the above fields will display along with the Order Total and Due at Checkout fields.

Order Total displays the same amount as the Price field. Again, this is the combined amount from all the scheduled installments.

Due at Checkout displays the amount in the Installment Price field. You're only being charged for one installment at a time, so you are paying for the first one at checkout.

All of these fields list on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

The Order Summary modal will display the Order total and Due at Checkout fields. The Shopping Cart modal on the Checkout page will display the Plan, Auto Renew, Price, and Installment Price fields along with any other fields relating to other items in your purchase.