The Store is where you will purchase merchandise, memberships, and make donations.

Listing Views:

The listings available for purchase will display in the Store. Users can choose from different views:

  • Click the Large Tile View icon (

    ) to view listings in the Large Tile View. Four listings will display per row and twelve listings will display per page.

  • Click the Small Tile View icon (

    ) to view listings in the Small Tile View. Six listings will display per row and eighteen listings will display per page.

  • Click the List View icon (

    ) to view in the List View. Ten listings will display per page, and pagination will display if there are more than ten listings.


Filters for listings in the Store will display in the left-side menu in the Community Portal. By default, the Catalogs filter will be open, displaying all first-level catalogs available in the Store.

from any of the Catalogs to open them. The Catalogs filter will then display any children from the Catalog selected.

Click Filters to close or reopen the left-side menu as needed.

Any other filters set up for the Store will display underneath the Catalogs filter. They will be closed by default. Portal users can click the + icon to open the filter fields.

Search Bar:

You can search through all listings with the Search field. Type your search terms in the Search field at the top of the Store page. Listings will generate in the Store. Using the Search field will clear all filters.

Click an item listing in the Store to open to the listing's detail page.Add Listings to Cart:

The detail page will include a description of the listing, the listing price, and any included or additional items.

Recommended Items will display at the base of the detail page. Clicking one will open the detail page for that item.

Click Add to Order to add the listing to the Shopping Cart. The Shopping cart icon up in upper right-hand corner of the screen will update with the current number of items in the Shopping Cart, and you will receive a prompt that the item was added to the cart.

Shopping Cart:

For Multi-Currency enabled orgs: if you attempt to change currency while items are in your shopping cart, you will receive a warning that your cart will be emptied. If you confirm the change, your cart will be emptied and your currency will change.

Lightning Registration takes part on a separate site from your Shopping Cart on your Community Portal. Because they are two separate sites and Lightning Registration has its own streamlined registration process, Lightning Event Registration will always generate its own separate Sales Order.

Clicking or hovering over the Shopping Cart icon in the menu bar will open the Shopping Cart dropdown list. Every item currently in the Shopping Cart will display in a dropdown list.

To view the Shopping Cart in its entirety, click View Cart at the bottom of the Shopping Cart dropdown list. The Shopping Cart page will open. All items in the Shopping Cart will display with recommended items displaying at the bottom of the page in an image carousel. Users can click an item's image or name to open its detail page. An Order Summary window also displays on the Shopping Cart page with a summary of the price of your order.

Modify:

You can modify the items in your Shopping Cart, adjusting the amount and other aspects, such as Registration for an event ticket. 

To adjust the amount of an item in the Shopping Cart, click the numbered dropdown button and select an amount from the dropdown list. The price will update in the Shopping Cart and the Order Summary.

To remove an item from the Shopping Cart, click the Remove link for an item listing. The item will be removed from the Cart and the price will adjust in the Order Summary.

To modify a membership, donation, or merchandise item, click Edit in the item listing. You will be returned to options to edit these items.

To modify an event ticket, click Registration. Event Registration will open. Look to Lightning Event Registration for information on registering for an event.

When you are ready, click Checkout at the base of the Order Summary box to navigate to the Checkout page.