For Multi-Currency enabled orgs: You will be unable to change currency while editing Order Details for your Event Registration. Currency cannot be changed for your order once it has been paid for.

Community Portal users can manage their event registration from the event microsite. They can access their tickets, modify attendees, manage their agenda, and transfer their registration. To manage event registration from the event microsite:

  1. Navigate to the event microsite for the event the user registered for.

  2. The portal user’s username displays in the top right corner of the event menu. Click to open a dropdown menu.


    The Add to Apple Wallet link is only available on the Manage Registration page for Lightning Events where photos have been uploaded in the thumbnail image and banner image fields for the Lightning Event.

  3. Click Manage Registration from the dropdown menu. A registration management page will open displaying all registered attendees registered by the user and their tickets.

  4. To manage an attendee’s registration, click the icon to open a dropdown menu with management options. The following options will display:

View Ticket

To view the Attendee’s ticket, select View Ticket from the registration management dropdown menu. A copy of the Attendee’s ticket will open in a separate window.

Edit Order Details

  1. Select Edit Order Detail from the registration management dropdown to edit attendee order information. A modal window will open with options to edit the attendee’s ticket, session, or recommended item information.

  2. The Attendee’s ticket, session, and any purchased items will display in the left side of the modal, with the ticket selected by default. The information fields will display in the left-hand side of the modal window. Scroll to view and edit these fields as desired.


    Form responses are included in the information displayed for tickets, sessions, or items purchased.

  3. Click between the ticket and any session(s) or purchased items to access their information to modify.

  4. When finished modifying Attendee information, click Save at the bottom of the modal to apply the modified Attendee information.

View My Agenda

  1. Select View My Agenda from the registration management dropdown. A new window will open with the Attendee’s agenda information. All Sessions the Attendee is registered for will display.

  2. Click the Session header to display or hide the agenda item information. The Session information will display by default.

  3. The Search and Filter Schedule Items component will be available for the user to filter through and search for specific Sessions.

  4. To add new Sessions, click Purchase New Sessions at the top of the page. The Agenda screen will open and the user can add Sessions to the order. They will appear in the Order Summary.

  5. The user can click Continue to complete the purchase and add the sessions to the Attendee’s order or Cancel Order to cancel.

Purchase New Sessions

  1. Click Purchase New Sessions to purchase new Sessions. The Agenda screen will open with all available Sessions displaying.

  2. Select Add to add a Session to the Attendee’s order. The Session will appear in the Order Summary.

  3. Select Add All to add all Sessions to the Attendee’s order.

  4. The Search and Filter Schedule Items component is available for the user to search and filter through the Agenda sessions.

  5. When ready to checkout, select Continue to continue to checkout. Select Cancel Order to cancel.

Transfer Registration

  1. Click Transfer Registration to transfer the attendee. A Transfer Registration window will open.

  2. The Search Attendee field will have the current Attendee entered by default. Click the field to empty it and enter the name of the desired Attendee.

  3. Attendees will generate from the text entered. Select the desired Attendee.

  4. Click Transfer to transfer the registration to the selected attendee. Select Cancel to cancel.

New Attendee

To create a new Attendee, click New Attendee. Event registration will open on the Select Tickets screen. Complete event registration to create the new Attendee.