Note: This page refers to refunding payments received by mistake in the Fonteva Payments platform. If a charge has related Receipt and ePayment records, refunds should be initiated from the Receipt record. For information about refunding orders in Fonteva, refer to the Refunding Orders page.

Use the Refund command from the Charge record to refund a payment that was made by mistake. For example, if:

  • The system mistakenly charged the customer twice for the same item.

  • A payment was charged to the customer but no Receipt record exists.

  • The customer reported fraudulent activity to their issuing bank.

To initiate a refund for an erroneous payment,

  1. Open the affected Charge record.

  2. In the Highlights panel, select Refund. The Refund a Charge modal opens.

  3. Select the appropriate Reason.

  4. Enter a Refund Description, then select Refund.

Warning: Fonteva Payments refunds are processed immediately and cannot be canceled.

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