You can enable Access Permissions for Community Portal Menu Items using Badges to prevent users from accessing certain Menu Items. This is especially useful for the Company Information, Company Memberships, and Account Subscriptions menu items where company information is present that you may not want every user on the Community Portal to access.

Enable Access Permissions for Community Menu Portal Items:

You'll need to first enable Access Permissions for the Community Menu Portal Items you want to manage access for.

  1. Navigate to the Community Site object and select the Community Portal record you want to work with.

  2. Click Related to access related lists on your Community Portal record page.

  3. Locate the Community Menu Items related list and select Community Menu Items to view all the Menu Items for the Community Portal.

  4. Select the Community Menu Item you want to enable Access Permissions for. The Menu Item's record page will open.

  5. Click the Edit action. The Edit Menu Item modal will open.

  6. Check Enable Access Permissions.

  7. Click Save.

Enable Access Permissions for all of the Community Menu Items you want to control access to.

After Permissions have been enabled, you will need to create a Badge and configure Access Permissions for the Badge. Follow the directions on these pages to complete designing Access Permissions for your Community Menu Items:

You may not want these Badges to show up on the Badges Menu Item on the Profile in the Community Portal. Do not check Publish when creating the Badge Type to prevent these Badges from displaying on the Badges Menu Item.

Assign Badge to Contact:

When your Badge has been created and configured, you will need to assign it to the Contacts you want to be able to access the Community Menu Item.

  1. Navigate to the Contact record you want to assign the Badge to.

  2. Click Related on the Contact record page and locate the Badges related list.

  3. Click New. The New Badge modal will open.

  4. In the Badge Type field, select the Badge you created to grant Access Permissions to the Menu Item.

  5. Type an Awarded Date. This should be the current date.

  6. Click Save. The Badge will be created and the user will have the Access Permissions associated with it.