All reported errors or exceptions with Spark Framework apps can be found in the System Logs. System Logs are helpful for both developers and Fonteva Customer Support to determine issues within the system. System Admins can view details of system logs via a table that displays the System Log ID, Registered App, Registered Object, Type,  Path,  User Type, User Profile, and who created the record. System logs are continuously updated and created in real-time.

How to Create a New System Log Record:

  1. From Spark Admin, select System Logs under Tools. The System Logs page will open. System Logs view is set to display Recently Viewed logs list view by default. You can select to change your view to All from the List View drop down.

  2. From the top right of the System Logs page, click the New button. The New System Log window will open.

  3. In the New System Log window, provide values for TypeRegistered AppRegistered ObjectPathData, and Exception Data fields. 

  4. Click Save when done.