The 2018-R1 Release is truly customer driven, with 90% of the features included originating from the ideas section on the FUNcommunity portal. Events figures prominently in this release with most enhancements and new features directly or indirectly impacting this part of the Fonteva Platform.


Within Events, Event Registration is a particular focus of this release with improvements to streamline the process and improve the user experience. This includes a new order summary component, which is visible on screen throughout each stage of the registration form, as well as a modal window for users to enter registration information directly rather than redirecting to a new window. Staff will also get a new level of flexibility with more choice and control over payment options, including custom payment methods and instructions to create a customized payment experience for users.

The newly introduced Recommended Items feature allows staff to create upsell opportunities during the registration process through backend specifications that will prompt users based on the options they’ve selected.

Outside of registration upgrades, 2018-R1 includes enhancements to the Agenda feature in Events. This is highlighted by additional control and configuration options for how Sessions display and improvements to its Search/Filter/Sort functionality. The Schedule Items portion of Agendas has also been improved.

Additionally, a new Line Level Receivables feature provides more control of how Accounts Receivable funds are distributed in the General Ledger account. In communities, administrators now have the ability turn on a cookie opt-in message for GDPR compliance, while the Known Addresses feature allows both portal and staff users to associate multiple addresses with a profile, that can be accessed at any checkout on the Fonteva platform.

2018-R1 Features and Enhancements


  • Event Registration
  • Recommended Items
  • Agenda
  • Theming and Banners
  • Event Builder Pages
  • Access Permissions
  • Administrator Tools


  • Line Level Receivables
  • Payment Prioritization


  • Multiple Known Addresses Allowed per-Profile
  • Picklists for State/Country
  • Cookie Opt-In Message for GDPR Compliance