If you have a field in Salesforce already configured and want it included in your Framework Lightning Component, you can achieve this by providing the sObjectName and fieldName. As a result, Fonteva automatically renders the inputField based on the existing Salesforce configuration for those fields.

For example, if your Salesforce field is used to record dates, Fonteva will automatically render the field based on the Salesforce settings. It will also pull whether the field you're instantiating is a required field or not. This will be indicated by a red asterisk next to the field's label.

The rendered inputField will only indicate if the field is required at the database level, not at the trigger level. This functions in both Salesforce's Lighting Experience and Lightning Out.


Below is an example of how you would instantiate a field using sObjectName and fieldName.

Example uUsing sObjectName and fieldName

<Framework:InputFields qaData='{"type" : "input", "name": "customfield"}' aura:id="eventCustomField" group="eventBuilderCustomFields" value="{!v.eventObj.customFieldValues}" sObjectName="{!customField.objectName}" fieldName="{!customField.apiName}" secondaryId="{!customField.apiName}" useSecondaryId="true" fireChangeEvent="true"/>

Additionally, if you configure Tooltip, providing these attributes automatically displays the tooltip along with the field using the helpText attribute. See Tooltip for more information.